Tan Sri Eddy Chen


Tan Sri Eddy Chen, aged 71 is a Malaysian male. He is the Executive Director of MKHOP and was appointed to the Board on 19 November 2004. He is responsible for executing strategic directions and operations of the Group.

Tan Sri Eddy Chen is also currently the Group Managing Director of MKH. A summary of his qualification and working experience are set out below:

  • Bachelor of Business (Marketing) from Monash University, Australia

  • Has around 41 years of experience in property development and construction related businesses
  • Began his career in 1982 as real estate agent
  • Joined the management of MKH in 1982, and was appointed to the Board of Directors of MKH in 1984
  • In 2005, redesignated as Group Managing Director of MKH, a position he presently holds